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April 29, 2022


First impressions are lasting impressions.

Art for your home or work space doesn’t have to be grandiose. Size isn’t always everything. The art of miniature painting dates back centuries and it retains its gravitas to this day, and for always.

And in the home, we often neglect the smaller, narrower ancillary & utility spaces, even though we may pass through them more often than say a living room. In fact, behind most portals there’s usually a corridor or hallway that is the first port of call for visitors; your reception area. First impressions are lasting impressions. Even if it’s tiny. That’s where you need small art to provide a visual greeting that has impact.

art for small spaces

The beauty of smaller artworks is that they usually cost less. The reality for an artist who paints for a living is that, invariably, their art sells by the square metre/yard. So, you can buy original art on a small scale for very affordable prices. Real art!

small framed art

A nifty trick in narrow but long spaces is to have a long landscape mirror on one wall and a long wall art landscape painting on the opposite walls. Or a set of three 1ft square paintings side by side.

hallway art


In fact, by adopting a modular or mosaic approach to hanging your small artworks you can achieve an infinitive number of permutations of your collection. So, you don’t have to put up with the same arrangement year after year. Mix it up. Have fun.

art for small spaces

Stairwells are also regarded as ‘difficult’ spaces. Go long, large and narrow. 1ft by 6ft! it’ll look awesome. Or modular, 6 x 1ft by 1ft. It adds an architectural dynamic to your tall spaces. Oversize art works well if you have plenty of wall space for a statement piece.

staircase art

You could even go for square, triangular & circular canvases. That is very chic and, dear I say, avantgarde. Although odd shapes can cost more. But if you are ok with your original artworks being on timber board, it’s more achievable for less faff, and money. Many famous artists paint on board, so it’s not a compromise.

circular art

There you have it, whether it’s original artwork for just inside your front porch into the hall, across your upstairs landing or down your back passageway to your laundry, small space art will make that equally important space look even more important.

art for hallways


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