Abstract Art Commissions By Caroline Ashwood



Many of my clients commission me to paint artworks for them. Ideal if the art you have seen and fallen for has sold. I offer prints, but sometimes, only an original will do. I can paint a commission in a similar style for you. Size and colour changes can be made too. Read on to find out a bit more.

Perhaps you have a photo of a special landscape. I can paint an abstract version to capture the essence of your photo.

Here are a few of the typical scenarios when considering a commission.

The artwork you like has sold!

You have seen the 'one' and love it, only to find that when you try to add to your cart, you realise that it has sold! Do not worry, I am always happy to paint you something in the style of it. It won't be a copy or a replica because that's just impossible and my technique is spontaneous. However, it can be similar in style and colour. Just drop me an email and I can give you some prices and timescales. Commissions typically take 4 weeks. Ask me about commissions


You need an exact size or different format

You spot one of my canvas paintings on my site that would be perfect for your space. However, it's the wrong size or format for your wall.

There's a great triptych set that you have seen on my abstract art page. Right colours, right style, but you would prefer a single painting and feel that a one piece canvas would suit your space.

I can quite often adapt a painting to fit your scale. Simply, measure your wall and email me with your request. I can provide some size options and quotes and further information on the commission process. Ask me about canvas sizes

Format Change

Commission a UK artist

Colour & Format Change

bespoke art

You have a colour scheme to match

You have seen an artwork that you love the style of, but it isn't quite right to fit into your decor/colour scheme. 

Send me your colour requirements I can always make some suggestions on how I can integrate your colour scheme. I am very happy to work to colour samples too. I am often asked by my clients to create artwork based on different colours. In this scenario, I will always offer a completely honest opinion. If I think that the colours/format would not work with the chosen style, I'll always try and make some alternative suggestions.  Get in touch with your ideas

Colour Change

commission an original paintingColour changes

You don't know where to start

You may have a special place that you want me to paint my interpretation of. Or, a photo of a place that you think would work as an abstract painting. 

Have you got an idea of the style you like, say, flowers or a landscape and perhaps you know roughly what colours, but don’t know where to start? I can send you some ideas for inspiration.

My back catalogue images and an archive files are bursting at the seams with everything I've ever painted. Take a quick look at my website, let me know what sort of thing you like and I will email you images and ideas.

Photo - my interpretation



You are unsure how it will look in your room

If you would like me to see your wall space/room, feel free to email me your images and rough measurements and I would be delighted to make some suggestions and even show you how something could look in your room.

(example of recent customer image mock ups below):

art on your wall

How much do commissions cost?

It won't cost you more to commission me to create a painting taliored for your needs. The price is based on the prices you see on my website for similar works. You don’t get charged extra for a bespoke piece. But, you do get exactly what you are looking for. 

See some example popular and standard canvas sizes below. Any size can be created, even to exact millimetres. Ask me about prices.

Commission are Risk Free

I am confident that I can create a bespoke artwork for you that you will be delighted with. However, If you don't love it, you are not obligated to purchase the painting.

Questions? Email carolineashwoodart@gmail.com



Price guide


Price Guide

30x30cm (12x12")


100x75cm (40x30")


40x30cm (16x12")


100x80cm (40x32")


40x40cm (16x16")


120x60cm (48x24")


50x40cm (20x16")


100x100cm (40x40")


50x50cm (20x20")


120x80cm (48x32")


60x60cm (24x24")


150x40cm (60x16")


70x50cm (28x20")


120x100cm (48x40")


80x30cm (32x12")


150x75cm (60x30")


80x40cm (32x16")


120x120cm (48x48")


90x30cm (36x12")


150x100cm (60x40")


80x60cm (32x24")


180x60cm (72x24")


100x40cm (40x16")


150x120cm (60x48")


80x80cm (32x32")


200x100cm (80x40")


90x60cm (36x24")


180x120cm (72x48")


120x40cm (48x16")


Larger sizes


90x90cm (36x36")


100x50cm (40x20")





You can email me direct and send images  to: caroline@carolineashwood.co.uk

Want to speak to me by phone? Send me an email and I can call you back.