Canvas Sizes


canvas sizes


Standard Canvas Sizes

Canvases come in all shapes and sizes. Here is a guide to standard canvas sizes that are available and the proportions.

Whether you prefer centimetres or inches, you will find measurements in metric and imperial, and there is a handy size conversion tool too.

If you are interested in commissioning an original artwork and have a wall space, alcove or area that requires a specific size that is not one of the usual canvas sizes and precision is required, I can make bespoke canvases to exact measurements. 

bespoke canvas size

Things to consider when choosing a canvas size.

Is the artwork going to be hung in a specific place?  Above a sofa, bed, or piece of furniture?

Do you want to make a statement with the artwork and require a significant scale?

What are the sizes of other artworks in the room? Are you likely to want to move the artwork at any time in the future?

Here is a handy tip if you are not sure about sizes and how they will look. Cut out a large sheet of newspaper or wall paper and blutack to the wall. This will help to you gauge how the finished canvas will measure up.

View my Scale Guide

canvas sizes


Popular Canvas formats

Square shaped, rectangular and panoramic canvases are available in a vast range of sizes.

Smaller sizes are ideal for cottage style properties and quirky walls with nooks and crannies, or where you want to hang several artworks on one wall.  Medium to large are perfect to hang above sofas and beds. Go for extra large paintings for the roomier interiors, feature walls and statements pieces. Bespoke sized canvases will suit you if you have alcoves or want to match the width of a piece of furniture. The options are endless and if you have any questions, please get in touch.

A visual guide to canvas print sizes

It can be difficult to judge the size of a canvas or artwork from a small computer image. That’s why I have put together a series of images to help you to visualise canvas sizes in common interior settings helping you to visualise the scale.

I offer a range of prints in many sizes and formats. They start at small and come in various sizes right up to extra large prints at around 150cm.

canvas prints sizes


Print sizes


canvas size guide
 Size guide Price guide
30x30cm (12x12") £150
40x40cm (16x16") £200
50x50cm (20x20") £250
60x60cm (24x24") £350
70x50cm (28x20") £450
80x40cm (32x16") £450
90x30cm (36x12") £450
80x60cm (32x24") £600
100x40cm (40x16") £600
80x80cm (32x32") £700
90x60cm (36x24") £700
120x40cm (48x16") £750
90x90cm (36x36") £800
100x50cm (40x20") £650
100x70cm (40x28") £800
100x80cm (40x32") £850
120x60cm (48x24") £850
100x100cm (40x40") £900
120x80cm (48x32") £900
150x40cm (60x16") £1000
120x100cm (48x40") £1200
150x75cm (60x30") £1300
120x120cm (48x48") £1300
150x100cm (60x40") £1350
180x60cm (72x24") £1350
150x120cm (60x48") £1500
200x100cm (80x40") £1600
180x120cm (72x48") £1800
Larger sizes POA