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Abstract Landscapes - Original Paintings

THE JOY OF LANDSCAPES. Since the beginning of sapient humankind, our ancestors sought to leave their mark upon the landscape. Personally, I think this was in direct response to the landscape leaving its enduring mark upon us. To gaze towards a distant horizon brings both a sense of place, and of hope and anticipation of somewhere else.  As a child, I walked among fields and woodlands, soaking up the colours and shapes in hillsides of imaginary, reclining giants; basking beneath the sprawling blue mantle of windblown cloud. A forever changing firmament of sunlight and shadow reflecting off rocky crags, shimmering rivers and silver streams. As collections, my abstract landscapes are perennially popular with my audience. We all have at least one landscape in our in our hearts and mind's eye. An unforgettable vista that takes us directly to 'that place'. Our place. Sometimes, it is the serendipity of nature's own doing; a seed falls, a flower or tree grows. The wind blows from the west, the hillside scrub leans eastwardly. Nature survives by going with the flow. Other times, it is 'nature in consort' with the very recent introduction and visible presence of precocious humans; reshaping, nesting and building among the work of mother nature. Together, within certain boundaries, they co-exist. Most of the time to roam, on foot or in our minds, is second nature to us. And to record the never-ending beauty that lies over every horizon and around every corner , is why we love landscape. An abstract landscape painting can take you there. Like a window into another world. Also, take a look at my original abstract seascape paintings.

All the original paintings in this collection are also available in a range of print formats, click the link to view my abstract landscape prints.