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Abstract Seascapes - Original Paintings

Is there anything more romantic or dramatic than the sea? If you accept the findings of Charles Darwin, that's where we all began. So it's not surprising that vast expanses of water is the stuff of legends and fantastical imaginings. From the mythical sunken city of Atlantis to Herman Melville's Moby Dick, the ocean represents a force and a power that we can only gaze upon in wonder. When the elements conspire to redesign the view, it can be beyond all expectation. The magnetic luna pull of the Moon tugs one way and the howling winds retaliate in a fierce dance that whips all in sight into a rolling tumble of energy and unbound power. To ebb and flow. Foaming and rhythmic. Flashing and gleaming - rich azure to emerald green, liquid sapphires bursting into sky blue. Oceans and abstract beach art. Vast, majestic and teaming with life. I love painting abstract water art. To paint my abstract sea art paintings is to become the message in a bottle that bobs and sways this way and that, moving with the flow, captive of tides, currents and eddies. Also, take a look at my original abstract landscape paintings

All the original paintings in this collection are also available in a range of print formats, click the link to view my abstract seascape prints.