The Unsecret Diary of an Insecure Artist - Part 3 - Caroline Ashwood

April 27, 2023

dairy of an artist

Saturday - Lunchtime
Colour of the day - Kingfisher green
Spent all morning fretting over a shipment to America. Couriers are a blessing and a curse. You never know where or if the painting will arrive, and will it be in one piece. Smaller works aren’t a problem. However, big paintings give me sleepless nights, and cost me dearly in insurance fees.
To be fair, 99% of shipments arrive without a hitch. But I remember a few years back, it was a Friday, and I sent out 2 paintings, one to west Sheffield, and the other went to America. The next morning, I was gobsmacked to receive an email & photo of my painting already hanging in a New York loft apartment. On a Saturday! Whereas on the Monday, the Sheffield customer was still waiting for her painting, just 8 miles from my studio. Despite barcodes, scanning systems and proof of shipping, it vanished off the face of the Earth. I was about to refund the poor customers payment when the courier company contacted me to say they had found it, in Aberdeen! It seems in spent 9 days in an international hub in Amsterdam. Arrgghhh! Good job it’s only once in a blue moon. I wouldn’t have any hair left. Which reminds, we need to book Rosie (our dog) in for a haircut. She looks like a stray Womble.

Monday - at the studio
Colour of the day - Palma violet
Yay, America shipment arrived safe & sound. And two more new commissions confirmed. Need to order more canvases in. I’m loving my bigger studio. It has enough room for Bob to make special custom-sized canvases. He’s really good at it, and I like having him around. We enjoy the radio pop quiz as we work, screaming “DuranDuran! and Deacon Blue! at the radio. Then we spend the
rest of the day trying to get Girls On Film out of our heads. Ear worms! The seascape I’m working on is coming along nicely. Bob suggests I should experiment with painting a new piece based upon stained glass windows. I like the sound of that. I can imagine a huge window with heavy summer rain running down it, and the sun just breaking through. Hmmm. I wonder what colour blue Deacon Blue is?

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