Large Abstract Art By UK Artist Caroline Ashwood

Large Abstract Art

huge artworks

I am fortunate enough to have a large art studio and can create oversized artworks. I love working on larger scale artworks because my signature style of painting results in the most fantastic effects on the bigger canvasses. Long wall art is a great way to fill a wall too.

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4 metres by 2 metres bright and colourful abstract.

large abstract art

Bright abstract art

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Adding some finishing touches to this large (3.4x2.3m) canvas.

'Hell freezes over' 1.7x1.5 metres.

huge artwork

St Catherine's Hill Landscape - a recent commission measuring a whopping 2.5 x 2 metres.

large paintings

Gems 3x1 metres panoramic style

large painting

Heirloom 72x48" shown below: 

Flower Shop was shipped off to Ireland recently: far right:

affordable large paintings

One of the largest canvases I have worked on to date is 3 x 3 metres. It was hung in my studio for a couple of months while my client waited for house renovations to be completed. Everyone that came into my studio was immediately drawn to the painting. It had real impact and 'wow factor'. I was sad to see it go when it was shipped off to Northern Ireland in a purpose built crate for safe transit.

large art shipped worldwide

The largest piece I have painted so far was 4 x 3 metres and was commissioned for a luxury charter yacht. I work with my canvas flat for my painting method. You can imagine the space this mighty canvas took up in my studio. The centre was tricky to reach and I could have done with a 'mission impossible' style harness to lower me closer to it.

Red Storm (below) a whopping 2.5 metre wide

Huge scale art

Coastal Crescendo

large landscape

large floral art

Summer peony above: Me pictured in front of the canvas to demonstrate the sheer scale of this work.

Monarch (bright squares), below - 2x1 metre.

large canvas art

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