Cow Pats to Paint Splats - Caroline Ashwood

September 01, 2017

Turner Prize winner Chris Ofili famously incorporated elephant dung into his earlier works. Don't worry, I won't be following suit. However, now that I've re-homed my art studio to a set of old barns on a former dairy farm surrounded by grazing cows, I can't help but conjure up the image *:D big grin. The space in which I am now splashing paint around was the original milking parlour. All evidence of the previous bovine occupants had to be scrupulously scrubbed away and the walls and floor have been repainted fit for a Royal visit. It took some cleaning I can tell you! 

I absolutely love it. It's bigger than ever before. The location is a perfect rural landscape of peace and tranquility. I am truly inspired. So who wants to help me christen my new studio? I have all the room I could ever need to work on really large commissions (small ones too, of course). 

New Gallery Space

We have big plans to convert one of the upper barns (called The Chamber) into a private gallery space so you can come visit and view my work in person. We can have a chat over a cup of tea or coffee and discuss your next commission. Or simply come and watch me work. I'll let you know as soon as the renovation work is complete. 

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