A day in the life of an abstract artist - Caroline Ashwood

A day in the life of an abstract artist

December 15, 2022

Studio Move

I have just moved studios in the bitter cold and wintery weather we are having here in South Yorkshire. The thermals under my painting clothes and all the heavy lifting have not been enough to warm me up. Its a good job I'm a tough Northern girl.

The studio space is in an industrial site in Penistone. Nothing glam like you'd imagine an artist to have. You know, a beautiful summerhouse or an old warehouse with industrial vibes. Its also a lot smaller than I'm used to, but Its temporary until a larger space becomes available. 

Christmas deadline

I have a couple of comissions on that I need to finish before Christmas. I'm also playing around with some new ideas for sunflowers. Here are some work in progress pics.

Bright bold blooms in sunshine yellow. I have some work to do on this one, but here it is in the early stages.

abstract flowers

Large flower Dance

I have an order for a large flower piece. 150x100cm. I'm adding some irridescent finishing touches to it and expect to be able to show you the final image next week.

large floral art

Commission finished

I am due to deliver a very large commission to a customer. Klimtish is 1.8x1.2m. Can't wait for them to see it in reality.

large art

As usual, I've had some company from Rosie the art studio assistant. 

art assistant

Until next week, Keep calm and paint on...



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