How to hang a canvas - Caroline Ashwood

How to hang a canvas

A 5 step by step guide to

hanging a canvas

Step 1:
Choose the space on your wall, and roughly imagine where your canvas will hang.
Using a ladder or step stool, measure from where the ceiling meets the wall above you. Mark on
the wall where you want the top of your canvas to be. Note the measurement.
Step 2:
Make another mark on the wall at least 1ft or 30cm parallel to your first mark, making sure this 2nd
mark is the SAME distance from the ceiling as your first mark.

Step 3:
Where your two marks have been made, use a standard masonry drill bit (size 6) to drill holes in
which to insert 2 x std. red Rawl plugs.
Step 4:
Take 2 x 1inch/30mm cross head screws and screw them halfway into the Rawl plugs, so they
protrude about a half inch or more. By hand test the weight bearing strength of the screws you’ve
just screwed in.
Step 5:
Place your canvas above the screws and gently lower it into place, hanging from the screws.
You should be able to slide your canvas left or right to suit your preference.

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