Choosing Contemporary Art Prints

Modern Art Prints
Modern art prints are very popular these days. They are more affordable than orginal paintings and come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and finishes. When choosing a contemporary art print there are many things to consider. Do you like abstract art prints or representational or colourful art prints? Whichever contemporary art print you see for sale, consider where you wish to hang it. 
An attractive modern art print can make a blank wall burst into colour. When it comes to blending in with your home decor, the art print format and finish you choose can make all the difference.

Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints
For example, an abstract print on canvas can add a contemporary look and feel to your wall and room. They are ready to hang and incredibly easy to do so. They come complete with hanging kits.
canvas prints look really stylish with a floating frame too; this is a frame that sits a few millimetres apart from the artwork to give the art print the appearance of floating within the frame. 
Floating Frame

Framed Prints

The addition of a stylish frame to a print, instantly adds value and quality. It really finnesses the work and results in a high end gallery finish. Frames come in all sorts of styles and sizes to suit your decor. You can choose a Framed Print in classic black and white colours, silver and gold finishes or natural and dark woods. The frames are hand made and come complete with hanging hooks on the reverse. 
framed art prints

Fine Art Prints

Contemporary art prints also reproduce really well on high-quality fine art paper. These papers can vary in print finish and texture. These prints are shipped rolled in a tube. You can purchase a ready made frame for a store, or take it to a frame shop for a bespoke finish. Another way present a quality modern art print is to surround it with a mount that serves to both protect and enhance the art print itself. 
fine art prints
Modern art prints on paper, set within a mount are usually encased in a glazed frame. Again, this presents the art print in the best way, and keeps it clean and protected from accidental marks and changes in humidity. 
The best places to find art prints for sale is online. There are many modern art print sellers with websites and art prints for sale. Always study the website carefully to be sure the art print seller is reliable and has an excellent reputation.
Mounted prints 

Signed Prints

You can opt to have your print signed by Caroline Ashwood, the artist. Signed Prints cost a little more, but do increase the overall value of the print.

Limited Editions

All prints are hand printed to order and bespoke. Each design and format is limited to a small print run. 

Happy art print shopping

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