Chiaroscuro 2 - Original Art

Original Art. Painted to order (commission) (Read more info)

Painting Size options: 80x80 cm | 90x90cm |100x100cm

Colours: Multiple rich browns, caramels, cream, bronze and gold colours.

Ready to hang: 100% cotton canvas stretched over a wooden frame. (Stands out 2cm from the wall).  Ready to hang. No framing required.  (See side view image below).

Materials: Acrylic, deep texture paste on 100% cotton canvas. Find out more

Inspiration: Inspiration: This is my nod of appreciation to one of my favourites artists, Caravaggio, the master of light and shade.  Chiaroscuro is the use of strong contrasts between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting a whole composition. Strong chiaroscuro became a popular effect during the sixteenth century in Manerism and Baroque art. 

Signed: Caroline Ashwood (signed on reverse) certificate of authenticity included.

Signed Prints available - email me for sizes and prices.

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