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Caroline Ashwood is a contemporary textural artist with an ever-changing collection of abstract paintings for sale. Affordable original art from small to large scale canvases.

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Caroline Ashwood is a highly established and regarded contemporary, textural artist with an ever-changing collection of abstract art for sale. Specialising in affordable large scale art, her works are characterized by deep, spontaneous texture, rivulets of colour meandering over layers of blended wash and rich hues blending seamlessly into each other.

The overall effect is sculptural and tactile.[*]

Caroline's relationship with colour is profound. The deep bond between the artist and the paint can create an explosion of pigment and contrast. Then, in other works tones and colours embrace like storm clouds with the occasional flash of lightning.

"As I studied art I soon realized that, whilst there are works of great happiness and peace," says Caroline, "a lot of the greatest artworks depict conflict and angst in the human condition. As much as I admired those masterpieces, I am compelled to spread the love and joy. So, hopefully, my work is always going give the viewer a nice feeling and put a smile on their faces".

Caroline likes to work on larger scales.

"I've spent many years developing my technique. The bigger I work, the better the art, the happier my clients will always be".

Caroline is refreshingly realistic about the purpose of her art. Whilst she will be inspired by nature, the elements and the ever changing light through the seasons, she never forgets that each commission will reside on a wall in someone's home or workspace.

"For this reason," she says, "the painting has an important practical role to play in situ".

As far as Caroline is concerned, art and everyday life must be a harmonious union designed to enhance the experience of those who share it.

"So, if it clashes with the carpet or curtains", she says with typical Yorkshire frankness, "the customer is not going to be very happy".

At any given time, her studio houses dozens of artworks in progress. She works fast and in stages. Her technique requires her to be patient as well as energetic. Literally hundreds of tins and tubes of paint lines the shelves and leave there mark on every surface. Visitors to Caroline's studio are in no doubt that Caroline loves to throw paint around. Every square foot of wall space, table top and sometimes floor, is used to create art.

"In most cases my clients know exactly what they want. What colour, what size and what they have seen in my collection portfolio. So they can brief me. Sometimes, they will even provide fabric and wallpaper samples which is great!"

However, if a client is uncertain of what they are looking for, Caroline is very happy to advise and make suggestions on palette, technique, subject matter and size.

Caroline Ashwood artworks are enjoyed throughout the world. From London to Peru. Tokyo to New York. Her clients return time and time again as they build their own collection of this fine artist's work.

Her art has featured in TV makeover shows, selected by internationally recognized interior designers and has been commissioned by manufacturers to create exclusive homewear décor.

Buying an original Caroline Ashwood artwork is both an investment and a unique pleasure in every respect. Each piece is authenticated and signed by the artist, professionally packaged and shipped worldwide. And, Caroline provides her personal guarantee that if you are not satisfied, you can change your mind.

"I want people to be happy in every way when they buy my art".