Painted to order Artworks

These are artworks that I create for you based on the original design shown on the listing. I hand paint the work in the same texture style and using the same colour palette. It will have the essence of the image shown with some characteristics of its own and be an original in its own right. After creating your artwork in about 3-4 weeks, I will send you a photograph to your email address for your approval before shipping.

If you have any questions about the created to order process, please get in touch

Commission Terms & Conditions

Artworks that are created to order on a commission basis are non refundable unless damaged in transit. These artworks are painted to order and are therefore bespoke. No deposit is required for me to start work on a commission. If you choose not to purchase the commission that you have ordered, a 15% cancellation fee is required to cover material costs.

Here are some examples:

Painted to order art

painted to ordercommission art

commission art