Orange Abstract Art

Orange Abstract Art

Orange People are the very loving and loveable among us. The peacemakers. The carers and givers. They are the back bone of a harmonious community and at the heart of getting things done for the good of all. By believing in the power of ‘co-operation’, maybe Sesame Street’s Big Bird should have been orange not yellow. Conversely, in the Republic of Eire, to be Orange holds an entirely different meaning, all together.

Interestingly, the word ‘orange’ has the unique distinction of having the same or similar root sound and structure/spelling across dozens of languages from all over the planet. Scandinavians, Filipino, English, French, German, Hausa, Cebuano, Somali …to name but a few, are languages that spell ‘orange’ exactly the same. The Welsh say ‘oren’, as do traditional Malays in the Far East, whilst in Zimbabwe they say ‘orenji’. All very similar. Linguistically, they all seem to choose the same word for the vivid colour to describe the juicy citrus fruit.

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Caroline Ashwood Abstract Paintings & Artwork

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