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How to choose abstract paintings online

Every now and then we all feel inspired to add something creative to our environment. Especially, to the wall space. That's when we start looking for a work of art.

But in what form of art should this be?

Here's the case for making it abstract paintings

Firstly, abstract art is easy to come by in its original form. Usually, older art forms are only found as prints. Not an original. So, many of us, who are not independently wealthy, can't afford an original piece of classical art.

So, modern art is easier to find; usually via the Internet. It also provides a broader selection of styles and subject matter. Today's artists have greater choice of materials than those of the past. Contemporary artists will still work in traditional oils. But they also have acrylics and a variety of highly durable industrial materials with which to create exciting, new ideas.

Modern art can be conceptual, representational or figurative. What you choose is up to you. Where you put is also up to you. But invariably, we are looking for something to adorn a certain wall or walls in our homes or workspace. So ideally, the nature of the artwork should be something we can enjoy on a day to day basis. Something you could never tire of looking at and pondering the secrets of its charm. So, it makes a lot of sense to go for something positive, stimulating or relaxing. Or all three. Colour and form play a big part in delivering this.

Also, let's face it, since the beginning of time, a lot of art has been decorative. Designed to brighten up a space. These days, it can even be a requirement for the artwork to complement the room decor itself. There are sound reasons for this too. Good interior design is not cheap. A well designed room has a powerful, positive impact on those who spend time in it. A modern art canvas can play a profound role in creating that kind of effect.

Now, why a canvas? Why not paper, wooden board or some other flat material that can hold paint?

That's a very important question. Here's why.

A properly stretched art canvas is the sign of an authentic desire to capture something in the 'true form'. It has been the classic, tradition medium for all artists for hundreds of years.

A canvas has many essential properties that make it the desired form and surface upon which to create something lasting. Firstly, the woven cotton surface of a canvas provides a texture of its own that immediately distinguishes it from a completely flat, nondescript surface of, say, a piece of ply board. It’s a combination of stretched fabric held taught and flat on the timber frame. This makes it very light but strong, which gives another very important quality, it's easy to hang and doesn't necessarily require a frame. If your modern art canvas is painted to the edges and finished around the sides, it can be hung directly on to your wall with the minimum of fuss and effort. And everyone who sees that it is a canvas will instantly regard it as more of a bona fide artwork rather than a decoration. In other words, a piece of modern art on canvas has gravitas.

So there you have it. Modern art represents choice and canvas is easy to hang and gives your room a sense of substances on the walls.

Have fun choosing. Don't be afraid to go with your heart. After all, that's what art is all about.


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