Ted needs a Cat Scan - Art Sale

May 28, 2018

Ted needs a Cat Scan - Art Sale

My studio cat, Ted, isn't well and needs a scan (MRI, actually). He's had a persistent cough for the last six months. The vet has tried everything but we still don't know if it's an infection, a virus or an obstruction. Nothing showed up on X-ray. So he's down for some expensive lab swab tests and an MRI scan.

So this is a kind of begging letter; hoping that you will want to take advantage of Ted's condition and my desperation to get some extra vet fees covered. 

Make me an Offer on your favourite painting

I promise, make me a fairly sensible offer, and I'll give it serious consideration. After all, Ted has been my stalwart studio assistant and in-house critic for the last ten years. He is deeply-loved, and knows it! 

Teddy the cat

(Ted doing his daily quality control inspections).

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I thank you. Ted thanks you.

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