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I love to look back at the year’s paintings and pick a few favourites. I’ve managed to narrow it down to 19. So here they are and my reasons for loving them. As Tess Daley might say, “In no particular order, those that survived the dance off, are ….”

Sunny Horizons

This colour combo sings to me. I love to paint land and seascapes. I can go into graceful free fall and be very loose in my interpretation. I recall being in a wonderful flow state when I painted this piece.

land and sea scapes

Aqua Lotus

In my years as an advertising creative, it was drilled into me to K.I.S.S (Keep it simple, stupid). The best ideas really are the simplest. Usually, I love to use lots of different colours. This went against my grain. Just one colour group. Frankly, I found it hard to stick to the one palette. Thankfully, I resisted the temptation to add other colours. The result is beautifully understated. I learnt a lot from this painting.

Large floral artwork

Glorious Garden 2

Nature’s creations are seemingly random, spontaneous. This piece screams, spontaneity. I have the most fun with these floral paintings. I just go for it with joyful abandonment. You’ve gotta love that kicking fuchsia too!

floral artworks


Sometimes, the stars align and make the paint go in all the right directions to create a startling ping of colour. I got lucky with this one. Colourists will tell you it’s the discordant spectrum at work. I reckon discordant is misleading. Purple and red? Orange and lime green? Harmonious!

Large abstract art


This is the tiniest scale I work on. It’s a wee one at 20x20cm. I love it. Makes me smile. I can’t quite pinpoint whether it’s the style or the colours, or a bit of both. My husband says it’s maybe the subconscious possibility that they’re not tulips at all, but glasses of wine! Either way, I am planning on painting a series of these on a larger scale.

Flower abstract art

Blazing Skies

I’m constantly drawn back to painting epic landscapes and grand statement pieces. We homo-sapiens are genetically hard-wired to seek horizons. Even in the abstract. To walk towards something new, just in the distance.

bright landscapes

Blooming Lovelier

I’ve never been a huge lilac fan, but this piece changed my mind. The lilac happened by accident. My painting career is characterized by many of happy accidents. The trick is knowing when to turn the accident into something wondrous.

flower canvas

Red Storm (Commission)

This was my largest painting of 2019. That entrance hall is 10 metres long. These occasional biggies are a challenge, both artistically and physically! It was vast and very difficult to maneouvre. I work flat, so reaching the middle took some serious stretching that required my physiotherapist to keep me in one piece to finish it.

large art

You Are Here (Commission)

This was a lovely project to work on. An old manor house renovated into luxury apartments in Worcester. I was commissioned to create a series of 4 very large paintings to hang in the staircases and communal areas of the building. The idea is based on the sprawling countryside that surrounds the house. I took my inspiration from satellite photographic images of the locale. I great way to personalize what appears to be an abstract work. Topographically, the shapes are accurate, and in proportion. The colours were my contribution.

Large Abstract Art

Luminous Light

Lilac and green? It’s a first for me. Again, those lovely harmonious discordant colours that I have started to feature in many of my works. This piece appeals not just because of the colour choice, but also, the vivid and pastel tones provide a kind of stained glass window appearance.

abstract paintings


Drawing and painting mountains fascinate me. The thought of climbing one terrifies me.

Large mountain scape

Sail Away

Oooh, the drama. An epic seascapes. Probably because, like rock climbing, I am also slightly terrified by heavy sea swell. But as a subject matter it fascinates me. With this painting I am mid-ocean, and riding the waves.

large seascapes

Poppies 2019

I had an idea to paint a special painting for a 70th birthday. The recipient was a poppy lover and so this seemed very fitting. Seventy blooms. Count them.

Poppy paintings

Fields of Gold

This piece proved very popular with my collectors too. This has inspired the most commission requests this year. I have painted several versions and nuanced variations of this landscape. Is it a corn field, a cliff top or a waterfall? Many different interpretations, not just a size difference, but also individual colour variants too. I’m flexible like that.

large landscape

Rainbow of Roses

A new style for me this year. Heavily textured roses. It ticks my use every colour under the sun box. The paint pools and saturates beautifully in the deep textured flowers.

bright floral art

Coral Reef

Yummy colours, tick. Contrasting pastels and brights, tick. Panoramic cinemascope, tick. Large scale, tick.

very large paintings

Ochre Vista 

This is the most requested colour combo of the year. Ochre, and greys. It really does work well in this abstracted geometric layout. I don’t usually create square landscapes and so this was a break from format for me.

large landscape

Glen Frost (Commission)

I was commissioned to paint a 2 x 1 metre version of my popular Glen Frost piece. What made this piece extra special was the addition of a white floating frame. It looks stunning in situ.

Large commission art

Epic Voyage

Another vast seascape to this collection of faves.  This piece is a bit of a contradiction. It’s complex, yet oddly simple at the same time. It’s one of those paintings that really holds your attention.  I see different elements, shapes and patterns, every time I look at it. Underwater, on the water, sea and sky. What do you see?




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Ali Mottram
Ali Mottram

April 26, 2020

Just beautiful- really enjoyed reading your intro to each painting! Thank you


October 30, 2020

Coral Reef is my favourite, I reminds me of diving in Egypt where I met my other half. I thought this before I looked at the name 🥰

Lorraine McColl
Lorraine McColl

April 26, 2020

Love your work and use of colour. I’m so excited for my first piece to arrive.

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