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February 17, 2022 1 Comment

Abstract Art in your Kitchen & Bathroom

Most people have considered and bought art for their homes; usually for hanging in their living areas - lounge, dining room, study, bedroom and hallways.
But areas that are often overlooked for original abstract art or abstract art prints are the utility areas like a kitchen or bathroom. We spend a fair amount of time in these home spaces, so they deserve as much attention from a decor perspective as the rest of the house.


art for kitchen


A common misconception is that kitchens and bathrooms generate too much moisture for artworks to be hung on the walls. That is simply not true. Modern day art on canvas is made from robust contemporary materials that cope well with variations in room heat and humidity. So that should not be a barrier to choosing an original painting on canvas, or a high quality reproduction print on framed canvas.

abstract art kitchen


The same goes for high quality framed art prints. As long as the artwork is not in direct contact with water, it should be a perfect addition to your space.
And the subject matter can be as creative as your imagination. In fact, kitchens and bathrooms are an opportunity to exercise your home decorator creative skills. An original commissioned painting can contain the exact colour scheme you’ve chosen for your walls and tiles. You can match roller blinds, roman blinds, drapes and curtains to compliment your colour scheme.


wall art for your kitchen


The same goes for framed art prints, across a wide choice of sizes, and frame colour and finish.
The chance to add colour and vibrance to these areas is also a way of expressing how you feel. Colour and subject matter can uplift your everyday work space, and where you go to soak away the cares of the day in a hot tub or a long shower. My work is abstract, expressive and always colourful & upbeat. My art draws from landscapes, seascapes (above and under the sea). I paint florals that are more about feelings and emotions than of a species of plant.
An original abstract of shapes and forms can be the brilliant stained glass window your kitchen doesn’t have. The vista that your window doesn’t look out upon. Always colourful and forever inspiring, even on the dullest day, and in the depths of the darkest night. Glowing, reassuring and calming.


 art for bathrooms

So give it some thought. Pick a wall space in your kitchen and/or bathroom and imagine how stimulating an original artwork or an art print can be. Put together a set of colour samples or swatches and take a virtual wander through my online gallery, then get in contact via any of the links on my site. Let’s cook up a feast for the eyes and splash some colour around.



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April 29, 2022

Thanks, reassuring. Does this also apply to hanging canvases above radiators re the heat?

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