October 17, 2017

Are you familiar with the Rorschach Inkblot Test?

In 1921, Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach created a series of inkblots on paper and used them to analyse psychological and emotional responses. At the time it caused quite a stir. These days, in the medical fraternity, it is regarded as a bit of a historic novelty.

Rorschach invited patients to tell him what they saw in a series of random symmetric inkblots. The results could be quite varied according to the patient’s state of mind.

As an abstract expressionist artist, I certainly do draw a lot of inspiration from nature and the landscape. But, unless I am deliberately painting a floral image, or a land or seascape, I never mindfully attempt to represent anything in particular. 

So I find it very interesting when people say things like,  “I like the painting with the dolphin in it” and
“How much is the one with a dragon and the face in the cloud?” It’s a source of great fun and delight for me. 

These observations fascinate me because I’ve never attempted to paint a dragon or a dolphin. Or, for that matter, a face in a cloud! But when people point out the shapes and forms within the texture and colours of my work, I can see what they see. I was once asked if I could paint over the ghost from the painting below:

Aura artwork

If you can see something in one of my artworks, let me know. I’d love hear from you.

Just for fun. Can you see anything in these paintings?


 Secret Garden


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