Do not lick the artworks!

July 14, 2015

Can I tempt you with some chocolate and flowers?

Oozing with 'chocolatey' goodness, my flower paintings are looking good enough to eat. So irresistible, you can almost taste them. This latest series of paintings from my studio are inspired by my sweet tooth! Luscious chocolate and caramel colours wrapped in gold and honey-sweet hues in sparkly parcels. The Sweet Shop is now open! They're on sale. So if you know someone who deserves a tasteful treat, sate their craving with some guilty pleasures. 

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Most people have considered and bought art for their homes; usually for hanging in their living areas - lounge, dining room, study, bedroom and hallways.
But areas that are often overlooked for original abstract art or art prints are the utility areas like a kitchen or bathroom. We spend a fair amount of time in these home spaces, so they deserve as much attention from a decor perspective as the rest of the house.

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Coming home to a carefully chosen piece of abstract art is like walking into a 'welcome home' fanfare every time you come in from work or trips from far flung places. 

HELLO! welcome back. I'm your art for your home. Nice isn't it! 

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