Warning - contains bright images - Caroline Ashwood

Warning - contains bright images

April 30, 2015


Ready for some intense colour?

I’ve never been shy about using colour. Just one look at my studio clothes (splashed with more colours than Joseph's coat) and you will understand. I just love to experiment with different colour combinations and am often pleasantly surprised when unexpected colour buddies work together. Here is my series of flamboyant paintings that demand to be noticed. Flowers, mosaics, trees and abstracts in vivid colours that will add a vibrant statement to any dull wall. That's why you may want to have your sunglasses ready before viewing them.

'Majesic Mosaic' is a vast scaled artwork featuring pretty much every colour under the sun! It measures a hefty 60x48" and is ready to hang.

Here is a deeply textured, abstract artwork inspired by flower bouquets and vases. 'Flower Basket' is 30x30" with silver highlights and summery bright colours.

'Mystical Tree' is my latest tree abstract painting. Deepest purple base washed with multiple bright colours and then highlighted with gold. It measures 36" square.

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