New creative guide to hanging your art - Caroline Ashwood

New creative guide to hanging your art

April 02, 2015

My alternative artwork hanging guide

Let's get creative!

It has occurred to me that there are some unspoken rules about how we are supposed to hang our paintings and artworks. Traditional thinking is to centre the painting on the wall above the sofa/bed/cupboard/chair. Why not think differently?
Just for fun, I’ve illustrated my new ideas on the art of picture hanging:

1. Hang your art centered, above the sofa...
...or next to the sofa!
...who needs the sofa anyway?
2. Hang your paintings on the wall...
...stand them on a floor / shelf / sideboard
3. Position the artwork centered on the wall...
...hang it anywhere it looks good on the wall.
...or you could fill the whole wall!
4. Modern art = contemporary frames...
....or why not mix it up? Traditional and modern.
More creative hanging ideas:



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