"Hello, My name is Caroline and I'm a paintaholic" - Caroline Ashwood

"Hello, My name is Caroline and I'm a paintaholic"

August 03, 2014

Recent binge forces Summer Sale

The sunshine has put me in a great mood for painting and I am feeling very inspired in my studio. I am a prolific painter, its in my wiring to work this way. Energetically, whizzing around my studio and working on several pieces at once, I cover some distance on a full day painting in the studio. Adrenalin flowing, I always get a buzz from these full on days.

several Caroline's at work

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I am now offering some large originals at greatly reduced prices. Making way for some new pieces and new projects I will be working on next.

Bouquet Was £495 Now £345                  


Monochrome Flora #1 Was £445 Now £345



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